Update Your Resume With An Imaginary Job!

By Lisa Correu, Principal/Job Search Advocate, AfterSchool Career Workshops

Here's a little pick me up for those times when the job search just feels sucky. Open your resume and save as another file. I like to call them Play files. Imagine the job you’re going for, maybe it’s your dream job, the job you want right now or an open position you’ve found that you’re going to pursue. Using job boards and company websites can give you great job titles and descriptions.  At the start of your resume work history simply add the job title and paste the job description below. Re-format to fit the rest of the resume. Embellish each job duty as if you were responsible for it and totally rocked it. For instance:

Assistant Account Manager-Super Duper Ad Agency

  • Manage company web site with daily copy updates. Contributed new section highlighting company employees.

Add the rest.

Take a long look, imagine this is your new job and you’ve just updated your resume to include it. Sure this is a bit of fakery and it may seem silly but sometimes just  imagining your preferred outcome (and in this case actually viewing it) can help you reach that goal! Don’t give up!


What Can You Build with Job Boards? Not Exactly What You’d Think

By Kathryn Lorenzen, Principal/Career Development Coach, AfterSchool Career Workshops

Here's something you might be interested in, especially if you're soon-to-graduate and spending lots of time on job boards. Did you know there are over 55,000 job boards online? And here's the kicker: the two largest, monster and careerbuilder, represent only 1.5% of the employers in the U.S. (Let that sink in for a minute.)

So... what are job boards good for? Probably two important things:

1. They're a very good source to research job titles and job descriptions so you can pinpoint the kind of job you're targeting, fully understand the basic accountabilities, and make sure your resume highlights the qualifications you have that are relevant.

2. They're also great for survey information on what categories of business or organizations are hiring, so that you can flesh out your own list of people and enterprises to target for connecting.

Here's an efficient method for getting what you need from job boards: Set it and forget it. Find on online aggregator tool that you like, such as www.indeed.com, or at www.mylandajob.com. Set it up to search for you. Then use your discretionary time to do personal contact work, which has a much higher likelihood of yielding a job opportunity for you.