The power of Thank You

By Kathryn Lorenzen, Principal/Career Development Coach, AfterSchool Career Workshops

It's official. The power of a simple Thank You has expanded exponentially, because it is so rare.

In the normal activities of networking, there are favors we do for others. We provide connections and information, upon occasion making introductions and even recommendations. Sometimes these actions are requested by others, and sometimes we volunteer them. We do these things for other people because we know that we're helping them, making deposits into the karma bank, paying it forward.

We don't do these things to be thanked, but when we receive a thank you, it's meaningful and appreciated, isn't it? It says to us that we aren't taken for granted, and it feels good. And most of all, we feel a true sense of connection with the person who thanked us for the information, the introduction, or the connection. The loop is closed. We are networked.

So here's the thing. In the course of searching for your first job, many people will help you. People who interview you, people who give you names and leads, people who provide introductions or ideas, people who agree to critique your resume, people who demonstrate an interest or simply take your call. Thank them. If you can possibly remember to do so, thank them all. They will notice when you do, and they will notice if you don't.

If you master the habit of saying Thank You at this point in your career, you will have embarked on a lifetime of effective networking. And you will have lots more goodwill out there to help you in your future endeavors.

And thank you for reading this.