The 10-Minute Job Search-Why This Career?

By Lisa Correu, Principle/Job Search Advocate, AfterSchool Career Workshops

Photo Courtesy of Leo Reynolds

Welcome back to our series, “The Ten-Minute-Job-Search”.  We’ve designed it to spare you from the self-harm and guilt that comes when time gets away from you and your job hunt.  So just when you’re about to shut your hand in that drawer to atone just read on!

Most hiring managers will tell you that enthusiasm for a job is a prime motivator when making a hire. Just sitting there like a wet noodle will NOT get you the job. It will get you eaten by a hungry account manager looking for a doughnut. So in this segment we’re going to focus on just one thing: harnessing that enthusiasm and pointing it in the right direction.

Now ask yourself: Why do I want to work in the industry/profession I’ve chosen?

Write down five or more reasons why you’ve committed yourself to this career path. Explore and detail each one. Say them out loud, walk around the room and have a nice little conversation with yourself. Make sure you’re alone so your roommate doesn’t think you’ve completely lost it.  Imagine you’re in an interview and you’ve just been asked this question (because there’s an excellent chance you will). This isn’t about any particular employer; it’s about you and why you’re there. And if you’re not asked this question directly then use this as a great closer to your interview.

I’ve talked with many hiring managers and two of their top annoyances are candidates who don’t ask questions and those who can’t articulate why this is the perfect industry for them.  No one wants to work with an indifferent human.

Your job search is a lot more than resumes and emails. Getting a grip on why you love advertising, accounting, engineering, finance or persimmon farming can go a long way toward job search success.

So get cracking and don’t give up!

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