The Ten-Minute Job Search

By Lisa Correu, Principal/Job Search Advocate AfterSchool Career Workshops

Looking for a job doesn’t always have to be an all-day, um, job. There are things you can do in just a few minutes that will take the edge off the anxiety when you might not have time for a deeper commitment. Here are five things to choose from that you can do in ten minutes to keep your momentum going.

Photo Courtesy of Jon Jordan

  1. Identify one new company to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. Make a note to follow up with an in-depth investigation. This could be as easy as Googling your zip code and industry you’re in. Like this: 64108, advertising.
  2. Update your LinkedIn status. Simply post your thoughts on how your search is going but remember to be positive and upbeat. “Today I identified a great company to work for!” Refrain from “My life sucks!” Especially at 3am. Everybody's life sucks at 3am.
  3. Read your resume. Is there anything outdated, less important or have you acquired a new skill to add? It may not need a tweak but it’s still a good refresher.  Here are a few tips.
  4. Check your Google Alerts or RSS feed and read one or two job search articles or blogs. Tweet or post if you liked them. BTW, this can take care of item # 2 as well! And you know you're reading one right now, don't you? Shameless plug, I know.
  5. Simply write down five things about yourself that you think are valuable. This is great for a pick-me-up when you’re feeling crappy and also gives you a little recharge for when you bear down for a longer job search session.

We don’t always have time to devote to what’s important. We get bogged down by the minutiae of life and then beat ourselves up for not doing what we think we should. Breaking down your to-do list into ten-minute segments can keep the demons of divided attention at bay. So don't beat yourself up, just do a few things and move on.

Post your suggestions for other job seekers and check back here. I think I’ll make this an ongoing series!


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