Are You Afraid of Employment?

By Lisa Correu, Principal/Job Search Advocate, AfterSchool Career Workshops

Are you derailing your career before it’s even begun? On the outside do you look like a gung-ho job seeker, sending out resumes, networking with a vengeance and plotting world domination while on the inside (and in reality) you’re hesitating, procrastinating and really only plotting your next Facebook post? It happens a lot more than you think and one reason can be sheer size of scope.

When you identify or express interest in working for an organization (especially if it’s a large one) it’s hard not to picture the entire company at once and not simply your role in it. It can be intimidating, thinking about all those people with tons more experience than you have, all working hard, contributing loads of significant input and being promoted every day.  They probably all have perfect hair, too, the bastards. This kind of thinking can seriously inhibit your confidence, your attitude about your own value, experience and likelihood of ever working for anyone. It can cause you to hesitate in your job search, putting off the necessary work to find employment and derail your career before it even gets off the ground. Fear of success isn’t a new concept.

So remind yourself when you find the weight of the job search heavy on your shoulders that ALL job seekers began where you are now, worried about their chances of success, their ability to contribute meaningfully and be a valuable member of a company or team. Stand back and know that small steps are the best way to succeed.

Here are a few:

Read job descriptions-this is what big job boards are great for. You’ll realize you can do just what they need because what they need right now is someone to do the tasks you've learned during internships, summer jobs and (wow!) in school. And get this: you can learn the rest!

Meet with people in your peer group-informational interviews with entry-level workers can give you a great perspective on just what you’ll be required to do. They’re also great sources of information and advice on your job search.

Get a handle on your skills and goals. Write them down and refine until you’re satisfied. Knowing how great you are is a fabulous way to energize a job search. It’s also the best way to express yourself in a networking situation.

A job search can be an intimidating and infuriating experience but it’s also wonderful and exciting. And don’t worry: any job is a learning experience even if it turns out not to be what you want or expected. Stick around for a while, make new contacts and new friends and keep looking!

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  1. I just wrote a blog post last night about my fear of finding a job. This was nice to read. Thank you!

  2. Glad you liked it Megan! Keep doing what your doing. It may seem endless but persistence pays off!

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