Creative Ways to Follow Up Without Stalking

By Lisa Correu, Principal/Job Search Advocate, AfterSchool Career WorkshopsCreepy Creeperton

So you’ve used your network to meet some great people at your target companies and had some good conversations. Now, how do you stay in touch without just dropping an email now and then with the same old information? You could send flowers or food but that’s just silly and expensive. You could wait by their car but that might become illegal after a while. Better yet, here are a couple of ways you can keep your name in their heads, impress them and learn something yourself.

  • Continue to monitor the web and other publications for mention of their company name. Just set up a Google alert or follow on Twitter. If they get some good press, win an award or get a new client send a link to the mention and a short message congratulating them, remind them of who you are and that you continue to be interested in the company. It’s a great non-annoying way for them to remember you and chances are when there’s good news there may also be new hiring. Keep it short, as in don’t make them scroll short, and attach your resume so they won’t have to hunt for it.
  • Always make notes immediately after an informational interview or conversation with a new contact. If you run across an article, tip or something interesting that relates to your meeting then forward the link to them, say how it relates to your conversations or how it might be useful to them. Include a reminder of who you are, when and where you met and your continued interest in the organization.  Again, attach your resume. Do not send NSFW stuff even if you think you’re pals now. Because you ain’t. And seriously, don’t send things every other day, once a month is probably enough.

Both of these show you're interested in them as a company, you know how to listen and you’re industry savvy.  Plus, people are impressed and flattered when you remember stuff you talked about in a conversation (mostly because no one listens anymore) so this is a fabulous way to stay in touch.

And sorry for the creepy guy and the keyhole.

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